Stamper Cheese Company

Our Cheeses

Garlic and Herb Spread.

Cheddar Cheese Curds.

Mozzarella String Cheese.

Pistachio Cheese Roll.

Mascarpone,cream cheese,  butter, blended with garlic & herbs. Classic with french bread, or add fresh pico de gallo on top for a chip dip!

Plain or Garlic & Dill.  Snack on 'em, deep fry 'em, make some poutine, these are delicious baby cheese.  

Sweet cream, white cheddar, touch of blue, rolled in raw pistachios. Pair with anything or nothing, and you're set. 

Part-skim mozzarella string cheese, plain and applewood smoked. Pair with apples, trail mix, or a hoppy IPA. Best string cheese on the planet. Need we say more?

Marieke Gouda w/Mustard  Seeds.

The most-awarded cheese in 

America. This raw-milk alpine-style 

cheese is due to the happy cows 

(on our home page)! Pair with fruit, 

herbed bread, chocolate-covered cherries, or as a dessert cheese. 

The closest to a traditional Gruyere or Beaufort west of the Atlantic

A tried and true favorite. Top roasted beets, add to pizza, quiche with asparagus, or spinach salad with fresh strawberries and a balsamic dressing.

Mild, creamy, buttery, melts well. Try with roasted mushrooms or asparagus for an earthy combo, but sugared, toasted- hazelnuts makes for a highly sensory experience. Don't forget the sparkling wine.

This is how smoked Gouda should taste. It's just right. Mild, creamy, melts easily, great for sandwiches. Add to mac'n cheese, pair with a nut-dried cranberry-chocolate trail mix. (Your kids may like it, too.)

Aged Parmesan.

Applewood Smoked Gouda.

Aged Asiago.

Horseradish & Chive Havarti.

Raspberry Bellavitano.

A young, smooth cheddar with cranberry sweetness. Try on your post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich or coupled with sausage. 

Grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta salad, or just crackers. See what you think with rioja, tannat, or tempranillo. 

8 Year Cheddar.

4 Year Cheddar.

Chipotle-Espresso Cheddar.

Mindoro Bleu.

Bleu Affinee.

Tilston Point.

Bleu Brie.

Apricot Brie.

A Dutch-style bleu that is creamy and crumbly, and has a more savory finish.  It can be used in place of a gorgonzola in recipes

Cranberry Cheddar.

Stettler's Amish Swiss.

2 Year Nutty, Sweet Swiss.

Manchego (Sheep's milk).

Fresh Goat Chevre.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

Evalon (Gouda-style Goat).

Evalon with Fenugreek Seeds.

Sweet Cream Havarti.

Fresh Jack & Dill.

Habanero Jack.

Morel & Leek Jack.

Fresh Basil Jack.

Midnight Moon  (Goat Gouda).

Marieke Gouda.

Your omelette, roast beef or ham sandwich craves these fresh mustard seeds and chives. Melts well, and so good to nibble on.

Nuts, dried fruits, and nutty, whole grain breads compliment this creamy subtle baby Swiss. Slices and melts well. 

On the following page, notice how many wines pair with aged Swiss. But give fruit and a hearty, darker cracker or bread a whirl. 

The homemade Adobo sauce boasts flavors of tomatoes, cumin, and other spicy fresh flavors, and includes a dash of espresso. Quesadillas, nachos, and mac'n cheese await.

This 4 year old cheddar is sharp, yet smooth. Perfect for mac'n cheese, and much like the 8 year, it holds its own. Melt on bite-size crusty bread, topped with chives or cilantro.

At 8 years old, cheddar bites back! Apples, pears, dried fruit, or plain dry crackers do the trick but it stands alone just fine. Crunchy crystals compliment the tang.

Our jacks have fresh herbs

and melt well. Great on burritos,  pasta, pizza, or serve with  tomatoes and bread or crackers. 

A unique blend of mushrooms and leeks is complimented by the creamy mild jack cheese. Add to casserole dishes; enjoy with cider, lager, or lemonade.

The fresh habaneros make this smooth lingering heat addicting. Add to any  soup, pasta, or sandwich you want to add heat to.  Experiment with peaches;  and iced tea!?

 Raw Dutch-style Gouda, creamy, rich, firm. Add to mac'n cheese, or pair with fruits, whole-grain hearty bread. Experiment with roasted red peppers or pimentos in a ham & cheese sandwich.

Fresh mustard seeds alone bring out a complimentary flavor with this aged rich raw-milk Gouda. Sandwiches are obvious, also try in an omelette,  rice and steamed vegetables, or on a dry, plain cracker. 

This goat gouda wins the hearts of all who experience it. The smooth goat tang with the gouda is a pairing in and of itself! Fruit, crackers, and anything else you can think of. Great addition to the cheese plate for guests who cannot do (cow) dairy.  Goat = lactose-free!

A raw-goat's milk farmstead cheese, at only a few months old it is delicate, mild, and smooth.  Grates and shreds well, lovely on steamed vegetables. 

This raw-milk farmstead goat cheese comes with fenugreek seeds, as well. Fenugreek is used frequently in Indian cooking, and has a subtle maple flavor. 

Oh, Bleu Affinee, how I love thee. Creamy, crumbly, and rich, there is a sweet finish to this raw-buttermilk bleu. Use for blue cheese burgers, stuffed olives, salads to name a few.

This English Stilton- style bleu

 is stinky and tastes like a dark, scary basement... and it is AWESOME. If you're thinking the same, then you will love Tilston Point.  A stronger blue that pairs beautifully with walnuts, crackers, breads, and burgers.

A triple-cream brie layered with a raw buttermilk bleu. This heavenly combination is rich, and savory and slightly sweet. Delicious with berries and other fruits, and of course french bread or crackers.

A triple-cream brie is layered with apricots, toasted almonds, and honey. Can be baked, served with crusty bread or crackers, and it can be served as a dessert cheese ... but beware: it can easily eaten in one sitting.

An Italian-style cheese similar to a Parmesan with a sharp, nutty flavor. The granular texture gains momentum as it ages. This can be used for pastas and salads, but try pairing it with raw walnuts or almonds.

A complex Italian-style cheese, buttery and rich, steeped in a New Glarus Raspberry ale. Adds a sweet zing to pasta, vegetables; but try a bite with pumpkin pie! Great dessert cheese. 

Bella Vitano: "Beautiful Life". 

*HEADS UP: This is NOT gluten-free.

Buttery, nutty, sweet, and sharper at this age, this Parmesan has the granular intensity, similar to the Asiago. Try with caramelized fennel, or honey roasted almonds.

An aged Spanish sheep milk cheese. Nutty, tangy, earthy.  Try with almonds, fig cake, roasted red peppers, and darker fruits (grapes,  cherries, berries);  Pair w/medium-robust red wines or a pale ale.